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ACAP, home of Organic Curaloe South Africa, has taken great care in growing the best quality aloe plants so that you can get the finest products available. We pride ourselves in making our products directly from our sustainable plantation using innovative technologies and good agricultural and manufacturing processes.

In the heart of South Africa, far away from the hustle and bustle of urban society lie the serene fertile lands of the rural Limpopo province. It is here that we hand-pick each leaf to be processed immediately and under strict quality controlled measures. This allows us to capture the amazing bioactive ingredients in aloe vera juice, which gives our product its effective benefits and abilities.

We are excited to offer an ONLINE STORE where you can buy our organic range of skin care products and nutritional supplements, which can be shipped anywhere in South Africa and the continent of Africa. Also, Curaloe can be found at Wellness Warehouse and soon be at other locations throughout South Africa.

Want to know more info or order your certified organic South African Curaloe products? email us.