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Sanitiser & Custom Free-standing Touch-less Dispenser Now Available

Our NEWEST sanitisers and dispenser is a great solution for office, retail, hospital, restaurant, or any public or private spaces. The waterless formulation with aloe vera is not only an effective solution against germs but has also been designed specifically to ensure hands do not dry out from overuse!

Is your restaurant, retail outlet, office, grocery store, clinic or entry way in need of a way to effectively provide the best quality hand sanitiser to your customers?

Take a look at our newest line, effective in fighting off all sorts of germs while allowing skin to feel moisturised. This free-standing, touch-less, floor dispenser offers a high quality, visually pleasing, and highly functional stand that is suitable for all locations. It holds the Curaloe Hydrating Waterless 500ml pump that makes for easy access and use for all people.

Curaloe Hydrating Waterless Hand Sanitiser is made with 70% alcohol, formulated to combat germs, protect hands with the enriching and moisturising effects of Aloe Vera, and is mild enough to use every day.

For details or questions, reach out to us at info@aloe-acap.com