COVID-19 Essentials
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Covid Essential PPE

During this unprecedented time, it is important that we join hands to help our frontline workers get the best possible equipment, they need to stay protected. To meet this particular requirement of crucial protection in the battle against the pandemic, we’re offering supplies of sanitisers, sanitiser dispensing machine, infrared thermometers and protection face masks. Doing tough jobs requires even tougher individual. ACAP wants to contribute in this journey by supporting you and your company, with premium level protection and essential safety products.

Manufactured in Vivo, Limpopo, we ship throughout South Africa. With 70 hectares of capacity, in the last six months, we have planted an additional 100000 Aloes, and presently we have a population of 1 million aloe plants that can produce a juice capacity of more than 25000 liters per hectare. We wanted to help the society to control the spread of the pandemic throughout South Africa. This is our way of contributing to the combat-process of the pandemic that has negatively affected the whole country.

Curaloe (a company under ACAP) presents instant hand sanitiser that contains aloe vera gel and alcohol as prime ingredients to give extreme insurance to your hands against germs, infection, and harmful viruses.

The most convenient point is that it does not require washing with water/soap or drying with towels. This alcohol-based hand sanitizer can rapidly diminish the quantity of germs on hands. We are providing a bulk supply of these Hand Sanitisers in 1Litre, 5Litres, and 25 Litres quantity. It’s an incredible hygiene option for the emergency clinics, shops, ventures, industrial facilities, workplaces, and other high-traffic zones to disinfect hands in split seconds.

Bulk Hand Sanitiser Deal

Touchless Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

This is a need of the hour equipment which allows anyone to use hand sanitisers without touching the product. Important features are that it is hand touch free, long lasting, good quality, very sturdy and maintenance free. Works on 3-point secure bolt system, this machine is totally operable through feet- press the bottom pedal-push with your foot and the secure padlock system automatically helps dispense the santiser on to your hands. This efficient machine will be very relevant and best suited for offices, business lobbies, clinics, hospitals, schools, banks, courier services and all those places where high human count is expected.

It’s time to “Say Aloe to Curaloe”.

Curaloe Protection Face Mask is created with multiple layer filtration system is your perfect outdoor essential. The mask is reusable and can be used for a long time with gentle hand washes. Carefully designed for all weather conditions, keeping breathability and comfort in mind, these mask will keep you safe from the spread of dangerous aerial virus and bacteria. This face mask is 322mm in width and 155mm in height.

Protection Face Masks

Infrared Thermometer Gun

The non-contact infrared thermometer can detect temperature within a short distance from forehead, making the entire process hygienic and convenient as it can effectively prevent cross-infection between multiple people. It is fast- one-button measurement for easy operation. Equipped with a clear Digital Screen and large operating buttons that makes it extremely user-friendly.