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White label makes success easy!

Looking for products already formulated to help consumers with some of the repercussions from overuse of sanitisers? Our products will help aid in the healing and moisturising of dry skin!

So, why go at it alone, start from scratch, or have the hassle of extra cost and effort? Simply pick any of ACAP’s or Curaloe products and put your own labeling on it and reap all the benefits!

What’s white labeling?

Simply put, it is a way for companies to sell an already made product under their own name with their own look and feel. It is a hugely popular way to expand offerings without having to start from scratch, which makes it strategically faster, and more economically viable.

What are the advantages of white label solutions?

  • Save time – development time can be extensive, so we help relieve that so your business to focus on other priorities
  • No skills needed – piggyback on our skills and expertise
  • No development cost / save money – smaller investment as a major part has been done by us
  • Affordable pricing – buying in larger quantity can give you an added benefit besides development cost.
  • Minimal risk – it can take years to get a product just right, so having a product that has been through all the checks is important for quick application into the market
  • Choices – there are many varieties of our products to choose from
  • Increases brand visibility – allows you to offer more than what you might do on your own


By choosing white labeling you can take advantage of the talents and products of others while taking all the credit! For more information on how we can help you with your white labeling options on a local or international scale, reach out to us! info@aloe-acap.com

Sanitiser & Dispenser for Retail, Medical and Other Locations

Our NEWEST sanitisers and dispenser is a great option for office, retail, hospital, or any public or private space – especially made with Aloe Vera as to not dry out hands from overuse!

Is your restaurant, retail outlet, office, grocery store, clinic or entry way in need of a way to effectively provide the best quality hand sanitiser to your customers?

Take a look at our newest line, effective in fighting off all sorts of germs while allowing skin to feel moisturised. This free-standing, floor dispenser offers a high quality, visually pleasing, and highly functional stand is suitable for all locations. It holds the Curaloe Hydrating Waterless 500ml pump that makes for easy access and use for people.

Curaloe Hydrating Waterless Hand Sanitiser is made with 70% alcohol, formulated to reduce germs, protect hands with the enriching and moisturising effects of Aloe Vera, and is mild enough to use every day.

For details or questions, reach out to us at info@aloe-acap.com