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Applications and biochemical properties in aloe vera via extensive scientific research has determined that Polysaccharides are the primary bio-active compound. At ACAP we provide the highest possible bioactive (aloverose) polysaccharide levels possible via our cultivation and processing of aloe vera.

Internal Benefits

  • Immune system support by activating macrophages, monocytes, antibodies & T-cells.
  • Increases glucose levels, boosting energy levels.
  • Improves inter-cellular communication, detoxifying and cleansing the body.
  • Source of 7 essential amino acids, building proteins & cell tissues.
  • Polysaccharides function as pre-biotic in the digestive tract promoting healthy gut ecology.
  • Bacteriostatic properties inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and promote the growth of healthy bacteria.
  • Balances blood sugar levels, helps with diabetes control.
  • Balances pH, helps in preventing urinary tract and yeast infections.
  • Neutralizes free radicals that can cause cancer and/or pre-mature aging.
  • Lowers serum cholesterol, triglycerides & phospholipids, promoting healthy hearts.

External Benefits

  • Counteracts & suppresses inflammation.
  • Analgesic effect, relieves pain beneath the skin surface.
  • Anti-pruritic, relieves itching.
  • Humectant, moisturises & promotes retention of water in skin tissue.
  • Proteolytic, enzymatically dissolves and digests damaged or dead tissue cells, promoting healing.
  • Regenerative properties, stimulates the growth of skin cells & fibroblast replication, increasing collagen fabrication.
  • Antipyretic, relieves the heat of burns, inflammation and fever.
  • Absorbefacient, promotes absorption through tissues.
  • Fungal static, inhibits the growth of fungi.
  • Effective in the treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns & seborrhoea

MSDS, COA, spec sheet, and pricing (€/$) upon request.


  • Aloe Vera 200:1 Dietary Supplement – White Capsules
  • Organic Aloe Vera 200:1 Dietary Supplement – Clear Capsules

No parabens added, no animal testing and no animal-derived products.
ACAP Organic products are certified NOP, Ecocert (www.ecocert.com), Kosher & Halal, ACSA and HAACP certified.

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