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Aloway is awarded membership of the Proudly South African Campaign Initiative

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Members of the Proudly South African Campaign share a commitment to an uplifting ethos that promotes social and economic change and progress. Members make a meaningful contribution to building South Africa’s economy, alleviating unemployment and retaining existing employment opportunities. They are acknowledged for their quality products and services, identified through the Proudly South African campaing – an internationally recognized signifier of a proud and dignified country-of-origin brand.

  • Companies awarded the use of this logo are provided with a distinct quality endorsement as qualifying criteria for membership includes:
    Local Content: At least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa and there must be “substantial transformation” of any imported materials.
  • High Quality Product: The product or service must be of a proven and acceptable high quality.
  • Fair Labour Practise: The company must comply with labour legislation and adhere to fair labour practices.
  • Environmental Standards: The company must be environmentally responsible and adhere to production processes that are environmentally friendly and acceptable.